Throughout the years Rubanco │ BuroPLUS has built a solid reputation based on personal service, accurate delivery while offering very competitive prices, thanks to its dynamic and dedicated team.


Out team is more than 35 dedicated employees to customer services :

  • Smiling individuals
  • Individuals with respect
  • Complicity
  • Pleasure
  • Desire to excel
  • A insatiability to offer impeccable service

Whether it is Alain, André, Anne-Marie, Annick, Bruno, Carole, Caroline, Chantal, Christian, Claudia, Gabrielle, Gina, Isabelle, Isabelle, Jean-François, Jérémie, Lisette, Marie-Ève, Marie-Louise, Mélanie, Nancy, Natacha, Nathalie, Nelly, Serge, Sonya, Sophie, Stéphane, Stéphane, Sylvain, Vincent, we are all dedicated to support in the best way, everyday.