About us

Hamster │ Rubanco is  a  Quebec family company, owned by Novexco Inc.,  who specializes in the distribution of office products and furniture, to businesses, institutions, and to the governments. We have been working for over 30 years serving the business community of Greater Montreal, Montérégie and Quebec.


Our history dates back to the mid-70s, our beginnings are marked by our specialty in ribbons, typist accessories and dot matrix printers, we were the company of ribbons.


Over the year, Rubanco has specialized more in sales and direct service to companies in order to offer them a quality alternative to supermarkets who began their raids in Quebec. An ever wider range of office products and special attention to the needs of its customers from a dedicated team will allow Rubanco  to stand by its excellent service to its customers.


We have 2 warehouses located in the greater Montreal area for a total area of 140,000 sq/ft, a logistics at the art of technology and a distribution network that allows us to quickly deliver more than 15,000 products to the 4 corners of Quebec and Ontario. 


Novexco entrepot


Today Rubanco is one of the founders of BuroPLUS, now HAMSTER, the largest network of independent retailers in eastern Canada.